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How to selecting elements using Javascript from the HTML DOM in many ways?.

In JavaScript, you can select elements from the DOM in several ways. Here are the primary methods:

  1. Selecting a single element:

    • document.getElementById(id): Selects a single element by its ID.
    • document.querySelector(selector): Selects the first element that matches the specified CSS selector.
  2. Selecting multiple elements:

    • document.getElementsByClassName(className): Selects all elements with the specified class name.
    • document.getElementsByTagName(tagName): Selects all elements with the specified tag name.
    • document.querySelectorAll(selector): Selects all elements that match the specified CSS selector.
    • document.getElementsByName(name): Selects all elements with the specified name attribute.

Examples 🥸

  1. Single Element Selection:

    var element = document.getElementById('myId');
    var firstElement = document.querySelector('.myClass'); // First element with class 'myClass'
  2. Multiple Elements Selection:

    var elementsByClass = document.getElementsByClassName('myClass'); // Live HTMLCollection
    var elementsByTag = document.getElementsByTagName('div'); // Live HTMLCollection
    var elementsBySelector = document.querySelectorAll('.myClass'); // Static NodeList
    var elementsByName = document.getElementsByName('myName'); // NodeList

Summary 🪄

  • Single Element: getElementById, querySelector
  • Multiple Elements: getElementsByClassName, getElementsByTagName, querySelectorAll, getElementsByName

These methods cover the most commonly known use cases for selecting elements within the DOM using JavaScript.

how about selecting elements via attributes that have custom attributes?

Single Element with Custom Attribute

var element = document.querySelector('[data-custom-attribute]');

Multiple Elements with Custom Attribute

var elements = document.querySelectorAll('[data-custom-attribute]');

Selecting Elements with a Specific Value for a Custom Attribute

You can also select elements with a specific value for a custom attribute:

var element = document.querySelector('[data-custom-attribute="value"]');
var elements = document.querySelectorAll('[data-custom-attribute="value"]');

Example 🥸

Consider the following HTML:

<div data-custom-attribute="example1"></div>
<div data-custom-attribute="example2"></div>
<div data-custom-attribute="example1"></div>

You can select elements with a specific custom attribute value like this:

// Select the first element with data-custom-attribute="example1"
var firstElement = document.querySelector('[data-custom-attribute="example1"]');

// Select all elements with data-custom-attribute="example1"
var elements = document.querySelectorAll('[data-custom-attribute="example1"]');

// Iterate over NodeList of elements
elements.forEach(function(element) {

Summary 🪄

  • Use querySelector for selecting the first element with a custom attribute.
  • Use querySelectorAll for selecting all elements with a custom attribute.
  • Attribute selectors can be used to filter elements based on the attribute name and its value.
Selecting Elements with a Specific Value for multiple Custom Attribute
  • Selecting Elements with Multiple Custom Attributes
var elements = document.querySelectorAll('[data-custom-attribute1][data-custom-attribute2]');
  • Selecting Elements with Multiple Custom Attributes  - Even with their values - like this:
<div data-custom-attribute1="value1" data-custom-attribute2="value2"></div>
<div data-custom-attribute1="value3" data-custom-attribute2="value4"></div>
<div data-custom-attribute1="value5" data-custom-attribute2="value6"></div>

Consider the following HTML with elements having multiple custom attributes:

Then ➡️

var elements = document.querySelectorAll('[data-custom-attribute1][data-custom-attribute2]');

// Iterating over NodeList of elements
elements.forEach(function(element) {

Explanation 🥸

  • querySelectorAll('[data-custom-attribute1][data-custom-attribute2]') selects all elements that have both data-custom-attribute1 and data-custom-attribute2.
  • You can modify the attribute names (data-custom-attribute1, data-custom-attribute2) to match your specific custom attribute names.

Summary 🪄

  • Use querySelectorAll with attribute selectors ([attribute]) to select elements with multiple custom attributes.
  • This method allows you to target elements based on the presence of specific custom attributes simultaneously. Adjust the attribute names as needed to match your HTML structure.

I am hoping that you have found some important tips and knowledge that you will be using in your day-to-day 🌅 coding life 💻.

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