To download purchased items or products, visit the claim page and enter the 'Payer ID' provided after completing your payment.

Claim Page

If you forget your Payer ID, contact us via email at dummymrx238@gmail.com and provide details such as your email, date of purchase, and name.

Product download links expire after 3 days. If you miss this window, you will need to pay an additional charge of $0.10 to claim a new download link.

Yes, after purchasing a product from our platform www.eventzenith.org, it is treated as fully open-source, allowing for commercial use.

Yes, you can request product promotions or become an affiliate. However, our platform will take 5% of the total sale amount as a service fee.

Yes, we consider collaboration requests from genuine customers or clients.

Visit any product detail page and look for the ratings in the sidebar panel. Click on the ratings to be redirected to the product's reviews page.

All product reviews are genuine, ensuring you can trust the feedback provided.


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